Microsoft Project Professional 2013 Open License + Activation

Microsoft Office Project Server 2013 represents a centralized repository to publish project information and resources, allowing companies to organize data in a consistent and compatible form, thereby created on their basis records contain relevant and useful information.

The solution supports the scalability, security and performance that meet your organizations related to improve the effectiveness of the project and resource management. Microsoft Office Project Server enables teams to work together on a project to access project information and update it through the web-portal of Microsoft Project Web Access (CALs are needed).
Microsoft Office Project Server version 2013 has a new interface, and offers a number of additional features, such as displaying project data using the new set of customizable graphical reports, communicating with the team directly inside the Project through the built-in features of Lync, tracing the paths of tasks to simplify Microsoft Project Professional 2013 Open License working with Gantt charts and many others.

Features of Microsoft Office Project 2013

Get started quickly. Instead of creating an empty Project file 2013 launches Center for the start of the project. Employees can view in advance prepared templates, import data from Excel or from the SharePoint site, and also simply select new project to get clean Gantt chart. The work function is available with previous projects that you have saved on your computer or on your SkyDrive.
Displaying data in graphical reports. Using the 2013 Project, you can create professional reports without exporting the data to another program: insert pictures, charts, animations, links, and other items that help clear and available to inform stakeholders and team project status data.
A new set of reports. The updated package of predefined reports provides all the features of formatting and graphics. Large amounts of data to conveniently replace diagrams and images that make the project more visible and understandable. Employees can add and remove Microsoft Project Professional 2013 Open License + Activation items in the records, as well as change their colors.
Reports on the development. In reports on the development of the value of planned, completed and remaining work appear as lines on the graph, which allows the leader to instantly determine whether the project will be completed on time. Now reports on the development of the Project created directly in permitted 2013 (no data export).

Communicating with the team. Thanks to Project 2013 users can always stay in touch with team members-receive updates about work performance, ask questions and discuss strategic issues. Enough of the pointer on the name of the contact you want to start an IM session or chat, send an e-mail message or call to the addressee (for the feature you want to Lync 2010 or later).
Tracing the paths of tasks. While working on a complex project Gantt chart can turn into a tangle of lines and lines of communications. The user can select the chain links-the so-called path tasks-for any task, to make it more visible. When you select a task all her predecessors will be allocated to a single color, and other followers.
Planning long-term projects. Project 2013 now supports the date tasks and projects until the 31.12.2149 year.

Microsoft Project Professional 2013 Open License + Activation

Sharing meetings. When you export reports, graphs or projects from Project data in other Office programs, you must use the new function. Employees can join meetings online microsoft office project 2013 mac and share PowerPoint slides, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and notes to OneNote from any supported device, even if you don’t have Office installed.
Saving files in the cloud. Now users can easily save Office files in your SkyDrive folder or on your organization’s web site, where it is convenient to view Project schedules, Excel spreadsheets and other Office files and make them share.
Work from anywhere. If your organization has Project Online service, employees can access the full version of Project 2013 from almost anywhere, even with computers that do not have to. You need only an Internet connection free microsoft project 2013 and a computer with Windows 7 (or later). Thanks to automatic updates, users will always have the latest version of the product.

The basic features of Microsoft Office Project Server

Centralized management of projects and resources. In Microsoft Office Project Server, you can publish project plans from Microsoft Office Project. Thus, centralized and consistent management of projects and resources.
Choosing the right software tools for effective collaboration. Microsoft Office Project Server enables team members and stakeholders can access information on a project to update microsoft office product key free 2016 and analyze it by using the web-portal of Microsoft Project Web Access. By integrating Microsoft SharePoint Team Services to Project Server group can perform a single storage and document sharing, and centrally track problems arising during the implementation of the project.
Spread the possibilities of using Microsoft Office Project Server for the Organization as a whole. Microsoft Office Project Server provides an extensible technology platform. Use of industry standards such as XML and SOAP, Project Server enables easy integration with other business applications and databases, and exchange information with them.