Error updating to Windows 10 requires a product key. Decision.

In this article we will discuss what to do if you are upgrading a Windows 7/8 to 10 Widows box appears enter the product key.

This message appears when you try to install buy windows key online a Windows system from your 10 not in a suitable format.

I.e. you are installing, for example, the home version 10 Widows on the maximum version of Widows 7.

To see what version you have, go to “Start-Control Panel-System. In the window that opens at the top see “Windows Edition”.

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In our case, Windows 7 was installed.

To view the compliance of your system for a new Widows 10, window product key finder pro needs to go to the Microsoft website “”.

If you are installing on Windows for one language, you need to choose Widows 10 too for one language.

The fastest solution to our problem is to download the Microsoft Windows Installer program 10.

Download, go to the programs folder, run “MediaCreationToolx64”.

Following the instructions of this program, we can update through cheap windows 10 product key. You can not even think what system is, after all, the program selects the desired system itself and installs.

To do this, select “update this computer now” and click “next”.

You can also create installation media to another computer, but choose the one that matches your system.

If you select the first option, the program will conduct a diagnostics download the appropriate version of Windows and do the installation.

Next, let’s look at how to update window product key 2016¬†with Flash, which downloaded the required system.

Go to the Flash drive, in a folder “x 64/x 86”, according to which the bitness of the need and launch “setup.exe”.

We have Windows installation starts.

After training, the program offers to download important updates. To avoid wasting time, choose “not now.” further, if you have the appropriate version of the software license agreement appears. Accept it.

Then there is the standard installation.

After preparatory proceedings, a window appears on the readiness of the installation. You can change the settings that you want to save. To do this, buy windows 10 product key online select the “Edit selected for saving features.

Here you can choose which information to retain. We recommend that you select “preserve your personal files and applications so that you can do rollback in case of any problems.

Click “next” again and the program checks our system.

After clicking Install launches the standard Windows installation process.